Small Works 2019

I am excited to announce that I will have three pieces in the Main Street Arts Small Works 2019 show. The three pieces selected have a piece of pottery that is common throughout, so I am hopeful they will show well together. Looking forward to seeing all of the work hanging together.

About the show from Main Street Arts: Our sixth annual Small Works exhibition, juried by gallery owner and curator Anna Kaplan of Anna Kaplan Contemporary in Buffalo, NY, is a national juried exhibition of work 12 inches or smaller. The exhibition features the work of 112 artists from 28 states.

Exhibition Dates: November 30th, 2019- January 3, 2020. Opening Reception: Saturday, December 7th, 4-7pm. Awards will be announced in the gallery at 5:30pm and live on Facebook and Instagram.


66th Rochester/Finger Lakes Exhibition

Thrilled to annouce that my piece ‘Ornaments’ has been selected to hang in this show. If you’re a member of the MAG, please join me at the opening reception on June 15th, or take some time this summer to enjoy the work in the Docent’s Gallery at the Memorial Art Gallery. The show will be up all summer, until mid-September.


In Memory of...

Back in January my Aunt’s sister passed away and she was heartbroken. She decided she was going to take on the task of creating a beautiful memory card/prayer card for her sister’s funeral out of state, but she needed something quick and she wanted something deeply rooted in her sister’s love and passions. She wanted whatever she chose to be a lovely keepsake for her sister’s family and friends to carry with them when they left the services. She sent me an email asking what I would do because she knew she wanted to create something beautiful and had an idea of the objects/symbols she wanted to use to represent her sister but she didn’t know how to put all of those things together. In her email she listed those things; a pig, since she collected pig figurines and loved animals, a corgi because she had a beloved pet corgi, something to represent her as a NICU nurse, a violet to represent an old nickname, a rose to represent flowers which her and her partner both loved, and her favorite place, the beach (this was to easiest part for me). As an artist, when you see a list like that, it is hard to imagine all of these objects coming together in a cohesive, beautiful piece. A pig? And a NICU nurse, how does one visually represent these things in a piece? I thought about it for a minute, but then thought to a recent painting I had made called “The Five of us”. I like to think of these little objects, sometimes, as people and groups of people, and this piece reminded me of my aunt and her family of five. I quickly thought about how I could recreate these pottery shards to include the objects she needed in her piece. I added a small pig to the bottom right shard, a corgi was cleverly hidden into the glaze on the bottom left, the two middle shards represent the rose and the violet, and I used a baby’s footprint in the top piece to honor her work as a nurse in the NICU. We created a 4x6 card with a lovely poem chosen by my aunt on the back. I wanted to show you both the first painting and how I adapted the second painting to the needs of my aunt. I absolutely loved doing this for her and I am very interested in how I can create more personalized pieces such as this one by simply changing the design painted on the pottery. One of the things I love about painting these pottery shards in the fact that there are endless possibilities in arrangement and surface decoration. Let me know if you’re interested in a piece that is personal to a person in your life, I would love to do this again.


Full-Time Job

People say raising kids is a full-time job, and I have a full-time job as an art teacher. Being an artist can also be a full-time job. Somehow I have recently found the balance between all three of these important roles in my life. People often ask me how I have time to make artwork with a full-time teaching job and two kids under 4. It has a lot to do with the love of it, and mostly making time for myself after my kids have gone to bed. I can’t say I’m working in the best light during the 8 o’clock hour, but it works. Sometimes I carve time out after school while I have kids staying after, or I just let myself work from 3 o’clock until I pick my kids up from daycare. If I am not painting, I am probably thinking about painting, and therefore I must make time to work so that I can get all of these ideas out of my head and on to paper. I think most people have some sort of outlet, whether it be working out, playing music, or enjoying time outdoors, for me it is making and creating. I also think part of it is that I would much rather stay in and listen to music while painting than leave my house. I’m a little bit boring like that.